Computer Science

What is your profession?
Computer Science.

OH? Is that a science?
Sure, it is the science of  information processes and their interactions with the world…

These words above were written by Peter J. Denning for The Profession of IT.

Understand what computer science is…

  • Identifying problems
  • Finding how to decompose those problems into manageable parts
  • Finding how to work on those parts

So you think… Computer Science isn’t programming..

Computer Scientists often use programming languages for solving a problem, but the objective discovering the steps needed to solve a particular problem, it isn’t the act of programming.

My Choice

After explain some points about computer science… I’ll talk about my choice, maybe I can help other people about it.

I did choice the course, because I love computers, bits and bytes. ( yes I’m Geek, Nerd guy).

I always had an admiration for Computer Scientists with their theories, implementation and studies, famous names: John von Neumann, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman

When I read something about great scientists or about technology, research. I have a very big desire to help in the same way.

I agree with what Dr. Denning  just said:

“Solidarity, not software, generates collaboration.”

I think with my choice, I’ll could learn how identifying problems and building steps for solving problems and still learning about architecture, programming language and all time contact with technology and contributed with Open-source.

This year 2009 it’s my last year university. I’m very happy with my choice. Because I achieved some goals:

  • I’m helping Open Source Project .
  • Mentee student at IBM. (I’m studying about: “Interoperability with Web Services in Distributed Systems”).

Let’s go new years resolution…

*When you choose an university course to think deeply about your choice.

See you..



Great names in computer science, 2009:

What is a computer Scientist?, 2009:

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CACM IT Profession Columns, 2009:

Is Computer Science Science? (April 2005) Computer Science meets every criterion for being a science, but it has a self-inflicted credibility problem.-


Click to access cacmApr05.pdf

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