Brazil Game Show (BGS) 2017: Best of the Convention Hall floor

 Last Saturday, I made a trip with old friends to Brazil Game Show (BGS).  BGS is a yearly South American video game convention and I would like to summarize my impressions about I see there. It’s important to say that is my first time in the BGS convention.As the event have a lot of things to do. I made my roadmap:

  1. BGS Talks panel.
  2. Corporation Area (Playstation, XBox, etc..)
  3. Indie Game (Next Post)

BGS Talks

I participated in two talks, with Nolan Bushnell and Ed Boon, it was amazing and I will never forget.

Nolan Bushnell

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Image by Brazil Game Show

Nolan Bushnell (Atari’s founder) received the Lifetime Achievement Awardand enter the Wall of Fame a the and we also have a Q&A session with him.

In the Q&A session what gets my attention was an answer from him. Basically, who is entering in the Game’s industry it seems a road path:

Nolan’s answer: I think of first of all… If you have children teach then play MINECRAFT, really good!! then maybe, when they have more or less a 10 years old start to teach Unity, and by the time 12 expecting to support you to create stuff.

Ed Boon

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Ed Boon (Co-creator of the Mortal Kombat) seems to be a very nice and friendly person, he also received the Lifetime Achievement Award and enter the Wall of Fame a the .

He gave the following advice to anyone who wants to work with games:

I think the first step in the game’s industry is to decide what you want to do in the games, so many different ways to contribute to games programming, design, animation, 3D modeling and usually that’s how somebody starts or you can starts in the Q&A and you can actually test the games and you give ideas to the developers and the move up into to the production. so there’s a lot of ways but the first thing is to decide what you are most passionate about, in terms of making games and then after that it’s you know developing a good relationship with people and other disciplines with animators with designers…

Corporation Area (Playstation, XBox, etc..)

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My friends and I saw many people playing Virtual Reality games, so I can see for myself what we are expecting in the coming years of console and computers.

 “Dude, this is a path with no return.” Luciano my friend said.



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