Brazil Game Show (2017) : Indie Game

BGS2017 showcased an Indie Game area of video games made by small studios. This was the best place to be, spent a lot of time to walking around and talking with Developers, Game Designers, and Game Sound Designer.

There were a handful of breathtaking indie games that deserve the spotlight. Here are some of the best indie games I got to check out at BGS#10.

 Zaaljinn: Wrath of Elementals

Image Source ManualDosGames – Ayria Team: Adrian Laubisch, Felipi Arena, Carolina Caravana…

I was walking, when I come across a fantastic game with impressive graphics, then thought aloud, Woow it seems Mega man. “Yes, it remembers the Mega Man and also Dust: An Elysian Tail,  the guy behind me said. So, I took a seat and play for a little bit.

In my opinion, it’s an interesting game to play and I really liked the “shadow” that follows the Zaal. Once finished, I had a chance to talk a little bit with the Developer of the game Adrian Laubisch. He gave me a few tips about the “shadow” and asked a few questions how can they improve the game?

Looking more deeply in the backstage of the game, discovered that was made by Ayria  and they have a big team working in the production of this game, in the image taken by ManualDosGames (they made a Portuguese interview with Adrian Laubish) we can see a few of them.

Congratulations all the team for the amazing work and I hope to play this game soon. As it is a demo version, the ZaalJinn‘s game will be available in 2018 at STEAM.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”bgs#10_indieGames”]

ZaalJinn is a Brazillian Indie Game that has interesting features rarely seen in other games in Brazil.


  • Incredible visual with characters in traditional animation;
  • Beat’em Up combat system with combos and elemental attack system;
  • Intriguing story about the primordial forces of a new and mysterious world. 
  • 7 multi-stage worlds, impressive scenarios, challenges and varied enemies;

Esquadrão 51

Marcio Rosa

I saw another Brazillian indie game that caught my interest called Esquadrão 51 (51 Squadron) created by loomiarts. Unfortunately, In the convention I didn’t get a chance to talk with the Developer of this game, his name is Marcio Rosa.

It’s an amazing game and full of nostalgia, It is horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up the game, which the idea is to fight against alien invasion based on films of the ’50s. Well they recreate 50’s very well, it is a fun game that allows the player to control an airplane and you feel the smooth airflow over the wing.  Very interesting the journalistic narrative.

The game is in Portuguese and it will be available in 2018 at STEAM.


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