How to become Internet of Things (IoT) Developer

The last year (2017), I participated in IoT initiative at IBM, my team and I created a framework to bring TJBot to life. It was an amazing project and after that people often ask me How to start on the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is an interesting question as IoT has an “unconventional” journey and many Software Developers feel lost in this universe. The IoT Developer you will need a diverse set of skills outside of programming language, they will need to know IoT architecture, platform, protocols, and tools, to help on this path. So, I’m adding my roadmap to learn it.


 Internet of Things (IoT) Roadmap

  • Consider building a prototype with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP*, etc. 
    • This is the better way to learn about Sensors and Actuators.

Learning would come from creating a project and working through it. Feel free to send a comment for further discussion or improve this simple roadmap.

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