Presentation | Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things will impact the future work

This week, I had the pleasure to speaking about Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things at Centro Paula Souza (Etec João Elias Margutti) located in the city of Santa Cruz das Palmeiras.

The students participated actively and asked a lot of questions, another point that caught my attention, was to see the excellent work that professor Luiz Claudio Macena Alves has done with the students. Currently, they are working on automation of the hydroponic garden based on Internet of Things. I’m curious to know about the results of this project.

Finished the night with the presentation of my friend Luis Claudio De Vita which addressed immersive computing using VR / AR.

Thanks to Professor Luiz and all ETEC for the opportunity !!

Sharing my presentation below (Portuguese/Brazil):

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