The Internet of Things (IoT) Bootcamp | Embrace new technologies


The Internet of Things Bootcamp at IBM Office finally leaves the drawing board. I get together with my team at IBM Office and we’ve made it become reality. It is exploring The Internet of Things (IoT) and boost skills and also propose solutions to clients.

During 2017 the focus was on understanding how IBM Watson IoT was being applied and that resulted in a proof-of-technology for Telecom Client. The solution integrated IoT and Blockchain and we delivered the fully functional solution in 3 days.

This year 2018 our focus is on building skills and share the knowledge we acquired since last year. So, we built the IoT Bootcamp that we build to allow people with minimum knowledge to be able to understand how to act in this area.

IoT Bootcamp

Our IoT Bootcamp was a real-time implementation of IoT concepts that can “sense, connect, infer, and act.” The challenge for participants was to create a solution to know if a desk (office cubicle) is available or not. For that, we took as inspiration the sensors in parking lots, that shows which spots are available, and translated that to the office environment, so we can tell which cubicles are free.

We choose the Raspberry Pi as our device to leverage on it is connectivity and the ability to run Node-RED. That way we could focus on the electronics assembly and Watson IoT usage, that we see as the main challenges keeping people away from creating their own projects.

Special Week

The Bootcamp was 3 days (2hrs/day event) wherein:

  • The first day, we gave an overview of the devices commonly used today, Arduino Uno, ESPs and Raspberry Pi, as well a quick introduction to electronics and the modules/shields ecosystem.
  • The second day was the electronics hands-on when most of the students played around connecting LEDs, resistors and sensors in a breadboard for the first time. They also created a simple flow in Node-RED to make two LEDs react to the distance measured by their proximity sensor.
  • In the last day, we explored the Watson IoT platform and enhanced the Node-RED flow to send the distance measured to Watson IoT and receive commands back to turn the LEDs on or off.

The Results

The IoT Bootcamp participants told us, before the event, they had no idea what Internet of Things (IoT) was and did not know how to use the IBM Cloud and Watson IoT Platform. As results, students got in touch and in-depth insights into the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and built a real case up and running.

That shows us it is possible to boost IoT knowledge even when they are not engaged on the day by day IoT activities. The achievement was also a mindset change, they realize it is not so far from them and it is possible to build solutions based on the technologies that are available.


@Leandro Rocha written a recipe and it is available here:


Thank you very much, @Fernando Almeida,@Leandro Rocha, and @Andressa Bastos to make this happen.


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