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It’s-a me Mario Ponciano aka *Razec* (nickname in the old IRC network). I live in a small city in Brazil, with my wife and our baby girl. 😉


I started my computer life in the 90’s, the first computer was an  Intel80286, from that moment I fall in passion for computers. I continued working really hard and become an IT Specialist at IBM, currently working as software engineer in the Telecommunication industry. For more information take a look below:



Why do you start a blog?

I started in the university when a created a Portuguese’s blog to share my research, knowledge, and tests and a received back a lot of comments, emails saying, “Hey, those posts are helpful”. So I’m starting to make the same in the English version to improve my vocabulary and also make new friends. Feel free to ping me 😉

*Old Portuguese’s blog from https://razec.wordpress.com


  • Talks/Training
    • In 2019,
      • Leading IBM Innocation Towers for Telco company and and speaking about new technologies.
    • In 2018,
    • In 2017,
      • My team and I talked about a new framework created to give life to the TJBOT at IBM.
      • I talked about how to send commands through node-red from Telegram to TJBOT  at IBM.
    • In 2015, I talked about Technology Career at the ETEC Tenente Aviador Gustavo Klug.
  • Patches
    • In 2014,
      • a patch for Linux Kernel’s Bug 60451 was approved.
      • a patch for Eclipse Bug 224764 was approved.
  • Geoprocessing algorithm:
    • In 2010, I had a problem to convert GPS coordinates, so I did a research with the Land Surveyor Engineer and based on these findings created a Java API  called GeoConvertor that convert coordinates in different formats.
  • Google Summer of Code: 
    • In 2009 at the university and,
      • As I student mentee of Marcelo Mayworm (Eclipse Developer), submitted an idea proposal to share code in real-time through the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) plugin for Eclipse – http://wiki.eclipse.org/Google_Summer_of_Code_2009_Ideas.
      • As a student mentee of the IBM Academic Initiative,  I did a similar project to that proposed to Google Summer Code, however, creating a framework of its own and expose the services to be reused and so share code in real-time.

How can I contact you?

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