[Eclipse Resources] EclipseSDK/DB2| Construindo/Consumindo Servicos

Todos sabem que admiro muito o projeto Eclipse e sou apaixonado pelo mesmo e estou mais  feliz ainda, porque o tutorial que escrevi recentemente EclipseSDK/DB2| Construindo/Consumindo Servicos foi postado no Eclipse Resources. Fico muito feliz por ajudar a IMENSA COMUNIDADE LIVRE. Muito Obrigado Wayne Beaton e Eclipse Foundation por compartilhar este tutorial com outros usuarios.... Continue Reading →

Cheat sheets – Quick Reference

hi all, Yesterday, I found some "cheat sheet", very interesting  and I'd like share with you. This cheat sheet help a lot when if forget some shortcuts and commands. Bellow 10 quick cheat sheet, make download now. firefox-shortcuts (MAC) firefox shortcuts (WIN) gmail-cheat-sheet google-cheat-sheet.pdf google-reader-cheat-sheet ie7-shortcuts linux-command-reference-list linux-manual-guide mac-osx-cheat-sheet thunderbird-cheat-sheet windows-shortcuts-3 Have a nice week...

MySQL – Where is mysql.sock?

Hi everyone, A long time I didn't post about some problem, but today I had a problem with MySQL and I guess that many people had same problem. I'd like share with yours. When I try to login in the terminal MySQL reply me: bash-3.1# mysql ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server... Continue Reading →

Computer Science

What is your profession? Computer Science. OH? Is that a science? Sure, it is the science of  information processes and their interactions with the world… These words above were written by Peter J. Denning for The Profession of IT. Understand what computer science is… Identifying problems Finding how to decompose those problems into manageable parts... Continue Reading →

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